Welcome to Discover Altitude, Your travel consultant for your quality and memorable adventure holiday Tours and Treks in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. 

Discover Altitude Pvt. Ltd. is an A-grade local adventure travel company in Nepal run by professionals who has more than two decades of experience in adventuring and tourism. We will take you on the adventure of a lifetime!

We are specialized in operating Himalayan trekking, climbing expeditions, luxury tours, and treks that are off the beaten path. We give our clients the experiences that they are looking for during their holiday. 

Whether you dream of sleeping in a tent at a high altitude, engaging with elephants for the first time, or soaking in a hot shower after a day trek to the world’s highest lake.

We offer luxury and basic holiday dreams! We will be more than happy to share all knowledge we have about Nepal, its people, and the cultures that flourish in this beautiful country.

Our company comprises selected local trekking guides who have in-depth knowledge of the area and local dialects. If you want to learn, they can help you understand more about the local geography, people, culture, and traditions.

Our company also includes expert climbing and tour leaders to execute your adventure holiday in a truly memorable and successful way.

Thanks to our combined knowledge and experience, we are able to meticulously plan amazing trekking and adventure journeys for all of our clients.

Our goal is to get you those memories and the experience you’ve always dreamed of, we will add our own little flair to make your trip all the more valuable to you.

Do you have a plan of your own?

That is fantastic! We are always honored and happy to help our clients make their dream holidays come true.

We will help make sure that all of your ideas are met, and are within the budget that you have planned for your trip.

So, we design custom-made packages for all ages, groups, families, and solo travelers offering complete choices of freedom based on their destinations, physical fitness, timeframe, budget, requirements, and desire.

Our extremely experienced package designers are always ready to create the perfect adventure holiday of a lifetime.

Just tell us what you’re thinking, and will lead the way. From airport pick-up, lodging, food, equipment, and visa questions.

Our goal is to ensure your happiness with the trip, give you an amazing experience that you can remember and talk about for the rest of your life, and show the rest of the world just how amazing our country is.