Discover Altitude a brand with a vision in preserving nature and culture when traveling with us, as we believe is sustainable tourism. Our team has been involving in the tourism sector for almost two decades, making Discover Altitude a trade-mark with our footprint while traveling with us, we are a reliable and trustable government-registered trekking and tour operating company in Nepal with multiple similar partner agencies in various countries.

Discover Altitude offers various tour and trekking packages in Nepal and also in Tibet and Bhutan with the best services possible to our valuable clients so that their money and time spend with us always gives them the best they deserve. Our highly experienced local trekking and tour guides always have a story to tell of the particular region you travel to. They are well-equipped not only with gears but also with a vision of clients’ satisfaction as we believe in the best service to our foremost.

Please go through our Terms and Conditions thoroughly before booking any trip with us, we assure our valuable clients there is no hidden charge while booking any trip with us

General Information about Booking a Trip:

For any trek or tour in Nepal, 20% of the selected trip cost should be deposited by our client before arriving in Nepal, upon receiving the amount you provide, you will get an Invoice of your payment and the remaining should be paid on arrival in Nepal, prior to the trip day. upon receiving the total amount our client will get an Invoice bill from Discover Altitude Pvt. Ltd.

(Note: clients are requested to complete all the payment before starting trek or tour upon your arrival in Nepal)

Mode of Payment Made:

Our clients can make the payment either by wire transfer or Credit Card or can pay in Cash (should be authorized currency by the government of Nepal)

Detailed Bank Account for Swift/Wire Transfer:

Account Holder: Discover Altitude Pvt. Ltd                               

Current A/C Number: 11001017500017


Account Type: Foreign Currency (USD)

Branch: Hattigauda, Kathmandu

Street Address: Ward No-8, Budhanilkantha Municipality, Hattigauda, Kathmandu

Swift /BIC Code: NARBNPKA 

(Note: We request our clients to make sure any extra bank charge (as service charge) impose by your bank is not liable by Discover Altitude. After receiving the 20% trip booking price, you will be sent an Invoice confirmation by Discover Altitude. The extra charge imposed by your bank will not be covered by Discover Altitude.)

Payment Made in Nepal through Credit Card:

After successful transfer of trip booking price which is 20% of the trip price, on arrival in Nepal rest of the amount should be paid before the trip. This will be 80% of the trip price, which should be made either cash payment or through credit card. In Nepal the bank will charge an extra 3.5 for the amount you swipe through Credit Card, this extra amount will not be counted as a trip price, it is the sole client's responsibility.

Risk and Liabilities of Discover Altitude:

Discover Altitude is solely responsible for your trek or tour in Nepal from the day of your arrival at Kathmandu International Airport till the day of your departure according to your selected trip. In case of any loss or damage to your personal belongings, we are not responsible, it is suggested to get insured with all your staff or keep it in your locker room in a hotel or can hand it over to Discover Altitude office locker room.

Apart from these, if our clients are not able to complete the entire trip due to their health issues, natural calamities, political instability, riots, demonstration, weather, or any unforeseen circumstances, Discover Altitude will not be responsible to refund the trip price.

But if the trip gets affected due to our weakness (guide or porters health issues, not arranging proper transportation, changing hotels without prior notice to our clients, misinformation regarding trip, etc, Discover Altitude is solely responsible to refund the amount (depending upon the number of days used, this will be through mutual understanding)

Refund Policies:

If you booked a trip with Discover Altitude but due to some unforeseen circumstance the trip could not be made. Discover Altitude will make all the refunds without any cancellation charges but this should be informed as soon as possible.

Apart from this if the bank charges extra as service charge while transferring the amount to your account, we are not responsible for paying any extra charge, this will be deducted from your total amount and for last-minute hotel cancellation in Nepal or Cancellation of domestic airlines ticket in case you are taking a flight to Lukla or another part of Nepal which is included in your trip (if they charge a cancellation fee, this will be deducted from your amount). So it is suggested to inform about cancellation a couple of days before to get rid of any cancellation charges.

Postpone of trip

You can postpone your trip for a valid reason Discover Altitude won’t charge any cancellation charge if the trip is not made if some serious issues arise with our client ( health issues, political issues, restriction to leave your country, natural calamities, pandemic, etc) prior to your arrival in Nepal but last-minute postpone may result to some extra charges which is to be paid by our clients (last minute hotel cancellation, last-minute domestic airlines cancellation in Nepal, etc) to avoid extra bank charge while sending the 20% booking charge, you can set any date or time of the year you are interested to come or can refer to any of your near one who is to set to Nepal. Your booking amount will be safe with Discover Altitude.

Free Trip Postpone:

After confirmation of any trip in Nepal with Discover Altitude, due to unforeseen valid reasons, if you are not able to travel to Nepal on the allocated date and time, you can postpone your trip to any date of the year which seems suitable and safe for your journey. This can be your convenient date and time of year, this will not be applicable with any extra charges from Discover Altitude.

Last Minute Booking Cancellation:

Discover Altitude never recommended last-minute booking cancellation of any trip, this may increase the possibility of cancellation charges from Hotel booking and Domestic airlines but Discover Altitude personally won’t charge any cancellation fees.

In what Circumstances booking cancellation charge may occur:

The last-minute booking cancellation charge is applicable to the hotels and domestic airlines in Nepal this depends upon their private policies but Discover Altitude can help arrange to lessen the cancellation charge to our best possible way ( this is only possible because of our two-way business with the hotels and airlines)

Bank Charge for Refund:

Upon cancellation of your trip in Nepal, we can transfer your amount to your particular bank as soon as possible but all the bank charges for any transfer will be deducted from your total amount. Apart from this, the amount of local Nepalese currency which we receive in Nepal will be counted as the total amount of the client, if in any case the exchange rate of your currency goes increasing, Discover Altitude won’t be responsible to send more than what the money was received vie bank transfer converted into Nepalese currency.

Last Minute Booking a Trip:

Discover Altitude would request all our clients to book their trip at least 7- days prior to the date of their trip departure with 20% booking payment for all the arrangements. In case of some other circumstances, we do accept last-minute booking a trip in Nepal.

Trip Joining (Group) Booking:

Discover Altitude arrange private trip joining booking as well as a group joining booking. For group joining booking, we would request all our clients to book in advance, as we arrange a limited number of people for group joining to avoid unprofessional practice with fixed departure date for the trip, this is done mainly for trekking on first cum first basis.

Apart from group joining, our clients can arrange their own group with their own date of departure according to their interest and a possible date for any trip.

Private Trip Booking:

Discover Altitude has numerous private trip booking options facilities for any travelers with their interested date of departure. This is applicable to any individual, family members, friends, or near and dear one coming together for any trip in Nepal. We arrange everything on the basis of private trips without making them join an unknown individual so that their trip goes with their pace. This private trip goes according to your interest and time frame with your chosen date of departure.

Incomplete of any Trip in Nepal:

In case if you are not able to complete the selected trip in Nepal due to your personal reason, Discover Altitude won’t be liable to refund any amount.

Trip Cancellation due to unforeseen reason:

Upon your arrival in Nepal, if your trip gets canceled due to some unforeseen circumstance like a natural disaster, unfavorable climatic condition, war, etc to that particular region or areas where your trip goes, Discover Altitude will arrange a similar trip to the other region or areas of Nepal according to your interest.

Price Changing for Trips in Nepal:

Discover Altitude reserve full right to change the price of any trip in Nepal under various circumstances such as inflations or government action ( as we are bound by the rules and regulation of the government of Nepal)and drastic changes in the exchange rate, in this case, we are not liable to answer our action to any parties.

Travel Insurance:

It is mandatory for all our clients to have comprehensive travel insurance packages which must cover your medical bills, emergency evacuations, trip cancellation charge, personal accidents, loss or theft or damage of personal belongings, etc.

For trekking or expedition above 5000 meters, our clients should make sure their insurance covers all the emergency evacuations in the Himalayas. Discover Altitude will help in arranging legal paper for insurance claim in case if your insurance company seek.

Flight Delay/Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstance:

Flight delay or cancellation may occur due to bad weather conditions in some parts of Nepal, mainly the Everest region, Annapurna region, Simikot, Humla, etc. Discover Altitude is not liable for any extra expenses if so occurred, so it is advisable to carry some extra local currency for your personal expenses like food, drinks, extra night for accommodation, etc.

Unlawful Act Result:

While being in Nepal, if you commit some unlawful act which the government of Nepal states illegal and you are forced to abandon the country, Discover Altitude is not liable for any kind of refund.


Our terms and conditions are only applicable if you book a trip to Nepal directly with Discover Altitude. If your trip/trips to Nepal come through some agency or third party, in such case you shall be liable to their legal policies and or terms and conditions.