Welcome to Discover Altitude, Your travel agent for a spectacular vacation while traveling within Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. No cookie-cutter solutions here, as we start with a clean sheet of paper each time to design your Nepalese adventure. Our team at Discover Altitude has been carefully matchmaking travels with wonderful Nepal Tours and Treks. We are passionate about our client's entire journey, from a dream, to experience, to reality, and to a wonderful memory.

Discover Altitude, a renowned local based trekking and tour operating agency in Nepal. Established by a group of young and dedicated professionals with service-oriented views. We are a professional team involved in the tourism sector for more than two-decade. Our decade-long experience in the tourism sector has provided us with an opportunity to understand the interest of 21 st century tourism.

Nepal is a holy and spiritual land for Hinduism and Buddhism has paved the way for nature. Our service and packages program is distinct and mainly focused upon eco-tourism, where nature and culture are always in the first line; you will personally feel it. We prefer and promote eco-oriented and spiritual treks and tours. When you book your holiday with Discover Altitude, our experience and reputation will travel with you. 

Why choose Discover Altitude as your travel companion?

Discover Altitude, a locally based company is run by a team of high professionals having more than two-decade experience in the tourism sector of Nepal. Our motto is to introduce you to the native history, geography, and culture of Nepal to make you more research-oriented than a mere observer. We try to bring change within you to analyze and differentiate between the existing differences while you visit a new country.

So we try to provide you with more research-oriented packages so that this visit of yours will help you as well as others to gain information between the cultures and history of the world. Our well-experienced team of high professionals will help you to make your dream come true. We try to focus more on sharing different cultures and histories than merely making a profit, so every time to provide a service we work with a clean sheet of paper to arrange your itinerary goes according to your wish and desire. We assure you that our highly qualified and dedicated team will help you more than you have expected when you travel with us.

Why Choose Us?

Responsible Tourism

We focus on eco-tourism, mainly through preserving the nature and culture of every region we trek for. Our purpose of travel should encourage the local community to better their lifestyle. We go for local and promote local products while traveling. As per our service-oriented business, we help the local community by spreading awareness campaigns related to health, education, and eco-tourism. This further makes the entire travel journey a memorable moment.

Authorized Company

Discover Altitude is a legally authorized and registered trekking and tour company in Nepal. we are further a lifetime member of the Nepal Tourism Board, Trekking Agency Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Village Tourism Promotion Forum-Nepal (VITOF-Nepal), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).

Customer Service

We are 24*7 available for any service for our clients. For the safety of our valuable clients, we provide walkie-talkies formally also known as Handheld Transceivers (HT) for group trekkers and Local Sim Card to keep in touch while traveling in Nepal. We ensure your safety is our utmost concern, to reduce the risk factor in the Himalayas our decade-long local trekking and Sherpa guide and assistant will always be by your side. We provide high-quality customer service to our clients, keeping every minor updated and providing information when you travel.