• Swami Basu Gauli

    Swami Basu Gauli


    Swami Basu Gauli is a Kalyan Mitra (True Friend) of this World, a blessed Osho Sannyasin, a blissful Fakir, and a Nobody! An Anonymous walking on this Earth-like an Emperor with all the fulfillment and no-desire left. Meet this Stranger and Enjoy your Moment while being in Nepal.Swami Basu Gauli is one of the idealizers and founder of Discover Altitude, his long involvement in the spiritual tour and treks into the Himalayas of Nepal and India has made him truly a no-man. He is truly ...

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  • Kelly Dunwoody

    Kelly Dunwoody


    Kelly Dunwoody is a familiar name in Nepal; her passion for the Himalayas and the typical culture of Nepal has brought her back to visit the country numerous times. Her drive for adventure and finishing new treks into the wild of the great ranges of the Himalayas has made her an experienced foreign tourist.Kelly is a Canadian citizen who has made Nepal her home away from home. She first visited Nepal in 2012 and since then has visited almost all the most popular Himalayan regions, ...

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  • Kumar Lamsal

    Kumar Lamsal

    Managing Director

    Kumar Lamsal is one of the emerging tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal and also one of the founding members and managing director of Discover Altitude Treks. Born in the lap of the Annapurna region of Nepal, has served in the industry for more than a decade both in the mountain and the city as a trekking guide and tour leader.He is motivated towards his profession as a tourism entrepreneur of the 21st century because of his deep knowledge about the sector and also the interest in modern ...

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  • Narayan Thapa

    Narayan Thapa

    Executive Director

    Mr. Narayan Thapa is one of the pioneers in the tourism industry of Nepal, having more than two-decades-long experience in the tourism sector of Nepal has traveled almost all the trekking regions of Nepal. Apart from trekking and hiking, he has climbed a couple of peaks in Nepal which are above 6000 meters.Born in the hills of Nuwakot close to the Langtang region of Nepal, Mr. Narayan is a very popular and demanding trekking guide of the Himalayas. His bold and quick decision-making abilities have ...

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  • Anita Bartaula

    Anita Bartaula

    Finance Head

    Anita Bartaula is an accountant in Discover Altitude, she originally belongs to southern Nepal close to Chitwan National Park. Her deep interest in the tourism sector of Nepal led her drag to Kathmandu, the capital city. She did her post-graduation from India and worked in a reputed bank in Nepal before joining Discover Altitude.

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  • Badri Prasad Aryal

    Badri Prasad Aryal

    Senior Tour and Trekking Guide

    Mr Badri Aryal denizen of Nuwakot district closed to the Langtang region of Nepal is one of the senior-most trek and tour leader of Discover Altitude. His two-decade-long experience in the tourism sector of Nepal both as a trekking and tour guide has enhanced him to gain a wide range of experience and knowledge about the Himalayas and also the culture of rural Nepal.Badri carries polite and welcoming gestures and is very keen on understanding human psychology, this helps him to guide throughout the journey. He prefers to ...

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  • Bikash Soni

    Bikash Soni

    Tour Guide

    Mr. Bikash Soni originally belongs from the Parbat district of Nepal, close to the Dhaulagiri region. Completed his post-graduation from Tribhuwan University Kathmandu, he works as a trekking and city guide for Discover Altitude.He works as an expert in a jungle safari, city tour, cultural tour, and a short hike in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara.His keen interest in the tourism sector of Nepal led him to Japan for language studies and now mainly lead a large volume of English and Japanese travelers to every ...

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  • Binod Thapa Magar

    Binod Thapa Magar

    Trekking Guide

    Binod Thapa Magar an inhabitant of the Langtang region, belongs to one of the ethnic groups of Nepal, famous for their bravery. Binod belongs to the remote part of the Langtang region where life is still hard to live. From the very early he had seen hundreds of trekkers moving towards the Langtang region for trekking into the Himalayas, and as a child always dreamt of becoming a trekking guide.To betterment his fortune, Binod moved to Kathmandu city in search of some living and finally ...

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  • Amar Magar

    Amar Magar

    Trekking Guide

    An honest, hard-working, and dedicated with a smiley face Mr. Amar Magar is another asset for Discover Altitude as a trekking guide. He has been working as a trekking guide for 13 years with multiple trekking agencies but now permanently works with the Discover Altitude team.Extremely highly experienced and well-trained Mr. Amar is a government-recognized trekking guide and also has numerous training experience related to Himalayan trekking which also includes high altitudes treks, leadership skills, altitude sickness, first aid training, peak climbing training, etc.Amar is ...

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  • Rupak Rimal

    Rupak Rimal

    Trekking Guide

    An inhabitant of Nuwakot district close to the Langtang region Mr. Rupak Rimal is a young and dedicated trekking guide for Discover Altitude. He has been actively involved in the tourism sector as a guide for the last 9 years.Started his trekking profession as a porter in 2012 AD, Rupak due to his passion and dedication and a good understanding of language was able to trek to Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang region of Nepal within a short span of time.Rupak’s interest in tourism and ...

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  • Bhalakaji Magar

    Bhalakaji Magar

    Trekking Guide

    Bhalakaji Magar also known as ‘Bhala’ comes from Wapsa village in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Mr. Bhala belongs to the Magar community, an ethnic group of Nepal, as he belongs from Solukhumbu district which is famous for the entire Everest region. He grew up with thefascination views on the lap of the Himalayas.He has seen his relatives, brothers, and parents working as a porter for the trekkers and climbers. This attracted Bhala to work for tourists and know about them, and for this having ...

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  • Bhumraj Tiwari

    Bhumraj Tiwari

    Trekking and Tour Guide

    Bhum Raj Tiwari a resident of Nuwakot district of Nepal boarding with Kathmandu is one of the versatile and highly academic personalities in the tourism industry of Nepal. He holds a decade-long experience in the professional tourism sector of Nepal and his desireless effort to strengthen the economic growth of the locals through tourism is a great assist.Mr. Bhum Raj holds a graduate degree in Law and also a Master's degree in Sociology and Anthropology and also is a freelance Lawyer. He actively participates in ...

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  • Dhan Bahadur Magar

    Dhan Bahadur Magar

    Climbing Guide

    Dhan originally belongs to the Khumbu region of Nepal, a region popular for Everest. Mr. Dhan is well-trained in trekking as well as a climbing guide for Discover Altitude. He is hard-working, kind, energetic, and above all a friendly guide for all trekkers.Born and brought up in such an environment, where different mountains exist. Dhan spends his early days rearing animals on the lap of the Himalayas and always had a passion to experience the view from the top of the Himalayas. To accomplish his ...

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