Privacy Policy of Discover Altitude Pvt. Ltd, a local based Treks and Tours operating Company in Nepal

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The contract between Discover Altitude and our Valuable Clients

The website is registered under Discover Altitude Pvt. Ltd, a local-based treks and tour operating company in Nepal by the government of Nepal.

Using our website intends that our valuable clients/visitors accept all the terms and conditions mentioned on our website. It further clarified that you (visitors/clients) are to follow all the laws and rules governed by the government of Nepal; for any illicit activities which the law of Nepal offense as punishable you are solely responsible to bear those.

If you oppose these terms and conditions mentioned on our website, you are free to skip this website.

Use of Personal information

Discover Altitude will have the right to ask for your (clients'/visitors) personal information in case we think it is mandatory for official purposes when you book a trip with us, this is mainly applicable while trekking into the Restricted Areas of Nepal

We need your information such as Full Name, Home Address, Postal Code, Contact Number, Closest Relative Contact Number/s (to contact in case of emergency), Email Address, Photo, Passport Copy to verify your information, etc. this will be asked when you booked a trip with us for reservation purpose.

Discover Altitude is abide by the laws of Nepal and ensures that the information of our valuable clients is private and shall not sell or misuse; this information and documents shall not be disclosed to any third party /parties unless it is mandatory to submit to the government agency/agencies or third party/parties to obtain trekking permit, climbing permit, hotel booking reservation, flight ticket bookings or to obtain a visa to Tibet/Bhutan.

Security measures

Discover Altitude has maintained all the security measures to protect the private information of our visitors/clients. This webpage under has taken all the necessary measures to protect your personal information.

Discover Altitude will only have the right to access your personal information if any valid reason arises. We would like to ensure that the detail of your Credit Card will not be stored on our server while making any payment via credit card. The payment system is highly secure.

Links with another website

Discover Altitude has links with other related, relevant and useful travel sites, and we do not govern them. In case you follow the links of other sites, Discover Altitude does not govern the privacy policy of those sites.

Rights and Limitation

The information on our web pages includes text, photos, videos, logo, etc. which are the sole property of Discover Altitude. Visitors or any agency/agencies are not permitted to copy, publish, display, sell or misuse any information, service, or product for a commercial purpose unless there is a written legal contract with Discover Altitude.


Upon receiving your email ID while inquiring, reservation, or booking our trips, we will send you newsletters but our clients/visitors are open to unsubscribing from those newsletters.

Change might occur in Privacy Policy

As Discover Altitude is bounded by the laws and rules of the government of Nepal, we have the sole right to change our Privacy Policy time and again, if the government's new rules and laws are enforced. This will be published on our web pages.

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