• Updated on Jul 3, 2023

Notice: Nepal bans solo trekking for foreigners, coming into effect from 1st April 2023

Treacherous mountain hikes are not for the faint-hearted and with that said; you need to take note of these 7 important items to tick off your checklist before going on that hike.

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Exercise before going on the hike

Since your body will have to endure strenuous activity for extended periods of time, you need to exercise before going taking on the trail. It is a good idea to follow a professionally appointed exercise routine for a few weeks before your mountain hike is due to start.

Have a thorough health check-up

For you to have a successful hike, you also need to have a thorough health check-up. Factors such as your heart rate, your blood pressure as well as your overall bone and muscle health will be taken into consideration to determine whether you are in perfect health for your venture.

Make sure your travel and accommodation arrangements are in place

To ensure you have a relaxed hike, you need to make sure your travel and accommodation arrangements are in place. Ensure you will get to your hiking destination in time and you will have adequate time for rest before taking on the journey ahead.

Have sufficient travel insurance

As it is humanly impossible to depict what might happen when you are traveling or when you are on your hike, it is a good idea to have sufficient travel insurance. This type of insurance enables you to travel worry-free and should something go wrong; you can rest assured that you are covered.

Check your mountain gear

Before going on your hike, you need to check your mountain gear. Make sure all ropes and equipment meet the necessary safety standards and won’t fail you when you depend on it getting to your final destination.

Hike with someone who knows the local mountain terrain

For you to hike without unexpected surprises, make sure you travel with a professional hiker that is familiar with the local mountain terrain.

Inform the person you are hiking with of someone to contact in case of an emergency

Should you encounter any difficulties during the hike or something should go wrong, make sure you inform the professional hiker you are traveling with of someone to contact in case of an emergency.

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Kumar Lamsal

Kumar Lamsal

Kumar is one of the Co-founders and Managing directors of Discover Altitude holding 18 years of experience in the tourism sector of Nepal. He has trekked to almost all the popular regions of Nepal and is an authorized trekking and tour guide.

Started his career as a porter to support his study, now holds MPhil and LLB degree, and is doing his Ph.D. in religious studies. He loves traveling to the Himalayas and has deep knowledge about religion, culture, and history.

Kumar is also involved in the teaching sector as a part-timer to deliver his research related to the cultural and religious diversity of Nepal and is the one who mostly answers your queries giving them his personal touch through his decade-long experience.