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Nepal is a landlocked country that borders with i.e., INDIA and CHINA. To the South, West, and East Nepal share its border with India and to the North with the Autonomous Region of Tibet (China).

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Apart from this Nepal has only one international airport which is Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). However, the other two international airports Gautam Buddha Internationa Airport and Pokhara International Airport are not operating on a regular basis. 

Nepal has numerous Ports of Entry for foreign nationals at the border of both India and China but if travelers arrive in Nepal through international airlines, they will land at the Tribhuvan International Airport and will easily be able to receive On-Arrival Visa which is a quick and simple procedure. 

This remains the same for all the ports of entry to Nepal either traveler arrive ‘By Land’ or ‘By Air’

But still, there are some Nationals who are denied On-Arrival visas in Nepal at any port of entry (‘By Land’ or ‘By Air’) in Nepal. If they want to visit Nepal, they have to acquire their Visa to Nepal from the Diplomatic Mission (Embassies/Consulates) of the Nepal Government from their respective country or the country where they dwell prior to their arrival in Nepal.

Following is the list of countries whose citizens are Refusing to Grant an On-Arrival Visa in Nepal.

  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Swaziland
  5. Cameroon
  6. Somalia
  7. Liberia
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Iraq
  10. Palestine
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Syria (and)
  13. Refugees with a travel document

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