• Updated on Oct 23, 2021

Nepal is a land-lock country sharing a border with India to the East, West, and South and the Autonomous Region of Tibet (China) to the North. This makes travelers to make easy access through India and China. Ports of Entry are classified as ‘By Land’ and ‘By Air’. Apart from ports of entry by land, foreign nationals can also fly directly to Nepal through the only one International Airport which is known as Tribhuvan International Airport.

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There are 11 Immigration Ports of Entry to Nepal (‘By Land’ and ‘By Air”) to monitor the entry and exit of foreign nationals and also to grant visas for On-Arrival, this is monitor by the Department of Immigration Government of Nepal. This includes 10 ports of entry ‘By Land’ and one ‘By Air’

Following are the list of Ports of Entry and Exit point in Nepal for foreign nationals:

  1. Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (By Air)
  2. Kakarvitta, the border with India (By Land)
  3. Birgunj border with India (By Land)
  4. Bahia border with India (By Land)
  5. Jamunaha border with India (By Land)
  6. Mohana border with India (By Land)
  7. Gaddha Chauki border with India (By Land)
  8. Biratnagar border with India (By Land)
  9. Pashupatinagar border with India (By Land)
  10. Kodari border with China (By Land)
  11. Rasuwa border with China (By Land)
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