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Nepal is one of the most diverse countries with different cultures, religions, traditions,s and ethnic settlements. This makes Nepal, a country where every day is a celebration and this makes Nepal a country that holds the maximum number of holidays in South Asia.

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Whatsoever may be the reason holiday is for celebration in Nepal, apart from all this, in the context of Nepal holidays too varies in some regions, this variation occurs in the Himalayan region to hilly region to plain Tarai region.

Some holidays are observed nationwide, whereas others are observed in a regional wise and some in the local areas of the region. Nepal follows its own official calendar nationwide and is known as Bikram Shambat (BS), which is different from the Georgian calendar. This BS calendar started 57 BCE prior to the Georgian calendar and the country observed Saturday as a weekend, starting the working day from Sunday to Friday.

The followings are the list of holidays in Nepal, this has been included with the Georgian calendar along with the Nepali calendar, as the country Nepal has its own official calendar which follows BS (Bikram Shambat). This includes April 14th as the first day of the Year in the Nepali calendar as known as Baisakh 1st.

Public Holidays on 2023

April 14 (Baisakh 01): New Year

May 01 (Baisakh 18): International Labor’s Day

May 11 (Baisakh 28): Mother’s Day

May 26 (Jestha 12): Buddha Purnima/Lord Buddha’s Birthday

May 29 (Jestha 15): Republic Day

August 22 (Bhadra 06): Janaipurnima/Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan

August 23 (Bhadra 07): Gai Jatra (Cow Carnival in the memory of departed soul) only in Kathmandu Valley

August 30 (Bhadra 14): Lord Krishna Janmashtami (Birthday)/ Gaura Festival

September 09 (Bhadra 24): Teej Festival (Women festival)

September 19 (Ashwin 03): Constitution Day

September 29 (Ashwin 13): Jitiya Festival

October 07 (Ashoj 21): First day of Dashain/Durga Puja Festival

October 12-16 (Ashoj 26-30): Dashain Festival

November 04-07 (Kartik 18-21): Tihar/Dipawali Festival

November 10 (Kartik 24): Chhath Parva/Festival

November 11 (Kartik 25): Guru Falgunandha Jayanti

November 19 (Mangshir 03): Guru Nanak Jayanti

December 03 (Mangshir 17): Bala Chaturdashi

December 19 (Poush 04): Udhauli Parva

December 25 (Poush 10): Christmas Day

December 30 (Poush 15): Tamu Lothar

2022 AD (Gregorian Calendar)

January 15 (Magh 01): Maghe Sakranti/ Maghi

February 02 (Magh 19): Sonam Lothar

February 06 (Magh 23): Basanta Panchami/Saraswati Puja

February 19 (Falgun 07): Democracy Day

March 01 (Falgun 17): Maha Shivaratri Festival

March 03 (Falgun 19): Gyalpo Losar

March 08 (Falgun 24): Women's Day

March 17 (Chaitra 03): Holi Festival in the Hilly region including Kathmandu and Pokhara

March 18 (Chaitra 04): Tarai Holi (in the southern part of Nepal)

April 01 (Chaitra 18): Ghode Jatra (holiday only in Kathmandu valley)

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