Namaste and Greetings from Nepal

Welcome to Discover Altitude your travel partner while being in Nepal for any Outdoor and Indoor bound tours and treks.

Discover Altitude is a renowned trekking and tour agency in Nepal, constituted by a group of young and dedicated professionals with a service-oriented view, focusing on preserving nature and culture as we travel. We are a professional team involved in the tourism sector for more than two decades. Our decade-long experience in the tourism sector has provided us an ample opportunity to understand the interest of 21st-century tourism.

Nepal is a holy and spiritual land for Hinduism and Buddhism has paved the way towards nature. Our service and packages program are distinct, you will personally feel it, we prefer eco-oriented and spiritual treks and tour, rather than a business. When you book your holiday with Discover Altitude, our experience and reputation will travel with you.

We know how important your holiday is, so to make sure you are always with the right itinerary and program, we will take care of all the little things, so you don’t have to. We’ll plan for you the perfect holiday to make it a memorable experience and to make this goes accordingly, you’ll find our knowledge and experience makes all the difference; as for us, your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

We as teamwork for our client to provide eco and cultural tourism of Nepal, we believe in preserving the nature, culture and respecting the local diverse culture of the region as we take our travelers because the coming generation does deserve to see what we saw.

Our chain agent from around the globe has a long history of working with us, their satisfaction with our service has made them visit Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with our prescribed itinerary and furthermore, they work as an agent representing their country while visiting with their group.

an abundance of different activities to be done in Nepal, it is a land of different geographical location from the Himalayas to hills to plain land, one can visit Nepal according to his/her interest from trekking into the Himalayas to hills, cultural tour, short hike, helicopter tour, jungle safari, bungee jump, paragliding, rafting, yoga trek, and tour, etc are some to mention.

Keeping all this in mind, we as a local tour and trek operator in Nepal feel glad to welcome you all to Nepal, your stay in Nepal will not be a mere observer while traveling with us, we assure you this. Every single penny you support returns its value with us.

Enjoy your stay in the land of culture and spiritualism.