• A fantastic guide, an amazing Trek

    WOW is all I can say about Ace. Udaya was an amazing guide and was perfect throughout the entire trek. He was friendly, super knowledgeable, and handled everything that I needed from gear to travel. They were always concerned about my comfort and seeing that a memorable trip was had by myself and my partner. I had a medical issue that caused him to both works into the night to get a resolution. Of course, being sick in a foreign country can be a scary ordeal, but it was handled professionally and worked out well.

    I can say with certainty that they'll be at the top of my list for my next trip and I can say without reservation that I'd go with them again.

  • Excellent!

    I am not an expert on trekking but I love it. From my experience, if you have a plan to trek, the important is you have to find a good guide and travel agency you can trust. I am lucky I found both. So if you have a plan in mind to go to Nepal.. just try to contact them. I believe that you will imprese on their service. 5 trips in Nepal since 2017.. until now I am looking forward to going back to trek with them again 😊

  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Our guide Narayan was simply the best. Took extremely great care of my sister Liz (72) and myself (64) during our 15 days trek. Attentive professional, knowledgeable and friendly guy.

    He went "the extra mile" to make sure we were comfortable, helped with my backpack, took photos, tied my shoelaces, made sure we rested and drank water when we didn't want to. Would highly recommend him for your trip to Nepal.💞🙏

  • Absolutely Life Changing

    I first toured Nepal in 2012 and was paired with a local guide named Udaya (Narayan) Thapa. Traveling as a young, lone female, I had my guard up when I first arrived. However, it was not necessary because Narayan was such an incredibly talented and supported guide that I left Nepal wanting more adventure and booked a second tour a year later!

    EBC, or Everest Base Camp, was my first experience in the Himalayans. The culture, citizens, hospitality, and breathtaking views were more than I could take in at once. Yes, I chose to climb the most popular trek in the nation, but with that comes many positives: peace of mind that I'll meet like-minded people, that there will be some small amenities for me, that my friends and family back home have heard of it before, and that I could do some research. Go ahead and research all you want, but nothing prepares you for the views of watching a storm unfold below you.

    Narayan and the sherpas he hired completely prepared me for each day. I knew how much water to drink, what foods I should eat (garlic soup!), what foods to avoid (unfortunately alcohol haha), and how much "mountain flat" terrain I would expect to traverse in a certain period of time. Narayan knew my limits and could accurately foresee when I needed to break and when I could push myself (basically never because that's not safe). He helped me with the ponding headaches too! At the end of the trek, he took some time out of his own day to show me where the mall was so I could decompress and have some food. We really did become friends.

    I missed the mountains the moment I left. I missed the laughter, the language, and the views! The quiet from the (2/3 of the way up) to the top of the world. I went back. This time I brought two friends. I wired two thousand dollars over from Canada and trusted that Narayan would be there to get us at the airport, and of course, he was! He values his customers more than we value the experience of touring his majestic country.

    The second time around we hiked around Annapurna. Walking the pass was at the height of our trek, and after days of going up, was surreal. Narayan said I would be taking long slow steps and he wasn't joking. My advice? Listen to your guide! He knows best.

    Whatever tour you decide to book, you won't regret it. I've been wanting to return for almost ten years now, and haven't made it back. When you get there, say hi to Narayan for me :)

  • EBC with Discover Altitude, perfect adventure

    Discover Altitude was extremely helpful from start to finish!
    Friends of ours suggested using Narayan and his services and after completion of the trip we are happy to say: it was perfect!

    You can tell that he has 20+ years of experience trekking up to the EBC aa he knows EVERYTHING from lodges, cafes, and the surrounding places
    Being fluent in English, he would give every detail of the mountain peaks, their heights, and how and when they were first summited.
    What is extraordinary was the way Narayan looked after our group and provided extra services that aren’t easy to get in those remote locations.
    He went out of his way to make sure we were well cared for and it was an experience of a lifetime we will never forget.

  • Perfect Everest Trek Arrangement

    I spent very memorable days in the Everest region in Nepal. I used to dream to see this highest peak of the world and now I arrested it in my camera. My guide arranged everything and helped me a lot. He did not let me feel tired and boring. I have read about the Manaslu region and willing to go there with this company again. I like to make a strong recommendation.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Amazing from start to end

    Our Guide..Narayan...no amount of words and thanks is enough for this gentleman. Based on our requirements, age, pace, etc our guide was well chosen by the company to lead us to EBC and back down safely and without any injuries. Praise be to God.

    Narayan started off as a young teenager as a porter and over the years (20 +) is a very senior and extremely experienced guide. Everyone along the trail knows him and he knows everyone...porters, guides, teahouse owners, etc. He really took great care of us especially my sis Liz from the beginning to the very end. Very patient, made sure we had our water and rest stops ever so often. Our all-inclusive guide extra duties included tying the laces of my boots, taking out and opening water bottles, personal photographer when I got tired, helping carry our backpacks on the steep uphill stretches, ordering our breakfast lunch, and dinner, and insisting that we eat the very large portions served cause we need the energy to walk. He also shared my passion for pics of the Himalayan wildflowers along the trail. Gave really great advice depending upon the situation and circumstances, flexible.

    His father was in the army but died at an early age. He looks very much like our COP ..stern, witty, and a truly nice guy. THANK YOU NARAYAN AND MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. NAMASTE.