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Trekking to Everest Base Camp during February is doable in a more relaxing and comfortable way than in January. February is the second month of the year and is the beginning of spring which is a popular hiking season.

February is just the beginning of SPRING Season in Nepal and the door for trekking in the high altitude begins. As this is just the start of spring, you will have wonderful weather, the finest temperature, and an overall less crowded trail.

After the harsh winter of December and January, all the hotel and lodges in February gets open and are ready to welcome hikers. With the majestic farsighted views of the Himalayas, February offers a splendid trip to the Base Camp of Everest.

The trails will be clean with less snow and the lodges provide options to select your accommodation in one of the best mountain-faced views rooms from your hotel. Those rooms will be clean and the dining remains with few trekkers and you can enjoy the warm heater inside the dining hall.

Days remain sunny and the possibility of snowfall is rare. However, there will be snow beside the trail and the mountain still be snow-covered. Those villagers who had descended at the lower altitude due to winter will start moving to their locality with their herds.

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Everest Base Camp Trek Weather and Temperature in February

February is one of the finest months for Everest Trek. This is just the beginning of the trekking season in Nepal for the Spring Season. December and January are regarded as the winter in Nepal with low temperatures.

However, February is better in comparison, as the winter is on its way out, making the weather finest with better temperatures with clear and majestic views of the Himalayas and the surrounding hills.

One can explore the wide range of Himalayas, as the visibility will be higher with blue skies. During the hike, you can see snow on the trail side. However, the possibility of snowfall is rare.

On average, the temperature during February at Everest Base Camp Trek will be 6º C to 10 ºC. As you ascend higher, you will experience pleasant day temperatures with sunshine every day. The skies are clear with majestic views.

However, the night will be cold and will likely go in between 1 ºC to -8 ºC depending on the altitude you will spend the overnight.

So, we highly recommend that trekkers be prepared with their trekking gear if they plan for the Everest Trek to the Base Camp in February.


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Accommodation and Food

Trekking to Everest Base Camp in February will benefit you in multiple ways. Firstly, February is just the beginning season (spring) of Tourism in Nepal. This is when the hikers start coming for the high-altitude treks in the Himalayas.

Hotels and lodges in the Everest Region start welcoming hikers and start to actively operate from February after the winter (December and January).

As the season begins, the flow of trekkers will be less comparatively to March, April, and May. So, accommodation will be easily available with a neat and clean room for overnight. However, prior booking is recommended due to limited lodges and rooms in the mountain.

Lodges and Hotels will have professional cooks and they will start arranging food from the menu. During the winter (December and January), Yaks which are the only source of caravans descend to the lower altitude to skip the winter. Hence, the selection of food is rare.

February makes the flow of tourists higher as the weather remains comparably better than the winter and thus goods are carried by the Yaks and trekkers can have a lavish selection of foods from the menu.

ebc food and accommodation

Electricity and Internet

Although the Everest Trek is a high-altitude trek. Trekkers will be staying in a hotel and lodges throughout the trek. These lodges and hotels are well equipped with electricity and internet facilities.

At the lower altitude (Namche Bazaar) there are villages and they use local hydropower to generate electricity. However, at high altitudes, lodges use Solar panels to generate electricity with a backup system. Trekkers can charge their electronic gadgets easily paying a small sum of amount.

Internet is available everywhere mainly they use WiFi. However, at the higher altitude for the last two nights internet might be affected if the weather gets cloudy. However, you can use a local SIM card and enjoy Data Pack everywhere.

internet wifi in everest trek

Best recommended Deal for Everest Base Camp Trek in February

There are numerous trekking deals for the Everest Base Camp trek in February because the weather is at its finest and trekkers will have multiple options to choose the deal. However, these are determined by the schedule, fitness level, interest, time frame, etc. of an individual.

Normally, Everest Base Camp can be accomplished within 9 days if one is fit enough to hike 7 hours every day and can acclimatize with the altitude gain or can use a nominal pace to get to the Base Camp in 9 Days and take a helicopter back to Kathmandu on the same last day.

Below are some of the popular deals for Everest Trek:

What to Expect in the Everest Base Camp Voyage during February

February is just the beginning of the Trekking season and the start of Spring. So, the trail will be less crowded compared to March, April, and May. Trekkers can spend their quality time exploring nature and local traditions.

The lodges and hotel will be ready to welcome hikers. You will be able to find comfortable rooms during the trek, at the lower altitude Lodges will have attached bathrooms inside as well.

The trail will be well-maintained and clean and the view majestic. You will be able to have magnificent views of the Himalayas throughout the trek.

Weather will be at its finest and Temperature sunny during the daytime. However, at night at higher altitudes, the temperature will go below – Degree Celsius. Nothing to worry about, as the rooms will be comfortable with a fire chimney inside the dining hall.

Moreover, don’t forget to carry warm clothes.

himalayan Yak

Festivals and Celebrations in Nepal during February 2024

In the context of Nepal where 125 different ethnic communities reside, every month has some festivals. Some are major celebrated nationwide, some are minor celebrated in particular regions/areas and some are semi-minor celebrated where those particular communities live.

February is also regarded as an important month when it comes to celebrating. During February, three important festivals are observed nationwide.


Sonam Losar is an important festival that is celebrated nationwide and is an official holiday as well. This is mainly related to the NEW YEAR which is observed mainly among the TAMANG COMMUNITY, who are the 5th largest in Nepal.

As they reside in every nook and corner of the country. Sonam Losar is celebrated with great interest and enthusiasm and falls on the 10th of February 2024.


Basanta Panchami is a religious festival which is mainly observed among the Students and Scholars. This festival is dedicated to Goddesses SARASWATI, who is regarded as a goddess of WISDOM.

All the Schools, Colleges, and Universities in Nepal celebrate this day as a festival of Wisdom and students conduct ceremonies in their schools, colleges, and universities and pray to the goddesses for attaining wisdom.

They worship their Books, Texts, etc., and show respect to the goddesses of wisdom. This festival falls on 14th February 2024, which is also Valentine’s Day.


Prajatantra Diwas or Democracy Day is observed nationwide as a National Day. This day holds significant importance for Nepali Citizens and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

During the 1940s civil society and people together launched a great mass movement against the autocratic family regime of RANA RULE and democracy was established in 1951. Thus, 19th February is regarded as the historic day when Nepal was declared a Democratic Nation.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in February

February is the finest month of Spring for the Everest Base Camp Hike. This will be a wonderful journey with a less crowded trail. As the season of Trekking begins, hotels and lodges start to welcome trekkers.

You can enjoy pristine accommodation in the overnight camp with fewer trekkers and delicious meals to eat. Hot water facilities will be available for showers and internet almost everywhere.

This is the time when the temperature is neither too cold nor warm and the maximum night temperature might go up to -8 Degrees at some point. However, days remain sunny and bright with crystal clear view of the Himalayas.

During this time of the year, you will be able to see numerous Himalayan wild animals including snow leopards. Trails will be clear without snow, however, the mountain remains snow-covered.

Overall, you will enjoy regular majestic flights to/from Kathmandu during February. Here, you don’t need to drive to Manthali for the Lukla flight and vice versa.

everest base camp

Alternative/Additional Trekking Route in the Everest Region during February

Trekking to the Everest Region will bless you with multiple options. As we, bid farewell to the winter, hikers will have multiple options to additionally join with the Everest Base Camp or to divert their trail to other areas of the Everest Region.

As the Everest Base Camp lies in the Khumbu Region also known as the Everest Region which is one of the popular regions where the highest Himalayas exist. This is also the region with the highest altitude.

One of the popular trekking trails in the Everest region is Everest Base Camp Trek. Apart from the Base Camp Trek, numerous popular trails do exist and lots of adventure lovers prefer to trek.

Additionally, Everest is a vast region with numerous Himalayas including Mount Everest and the Lakes and the High Passes, which are adventure activities a hiker can choose.

The same trail to Everest Base Camp can be diverted towards those areas. Only the point here is to add a couple of additional days to your vacation. Some of the popular alternative or additional trekking routes in the Everest Region include:

during ebc hiking


Pack your gear and get ready for the Everest Hike in February and explore the popular trekking destination when the crowd is less and the view majestic. This will be the best time to Trek Everest if you are planning on the Spring Season.

Moreover, in February there will be regular flights to/from Lukla from Kathmandu which in the other months of the spring season is not possible.

Hence, explore the giant Himalayas with a solitary environment and less crowded lodges and trails.

Kumar Lamsal

Kumar Lamsal

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