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Everest Base Camp Trek in the Month of October 2024-2025

Notice: Nepal bans solo trekking for foreigners, coming into effect from 1st April 2023

Thinking about Everest Base Camp Trek- 15 Day (5,364M) in October! Why not give it a try, October is one of the best months of the year for trekking in Nepal, especially high-altitude treks, including the Everest trek.

Apart from trekking, October is a popular time for short treks, hikes, tours, jungle safari activities, etc. This is a busy month for Nepal tourism.

Weather remains at its best with magnificent views, clear blue sky, clean trails, and high visibility, and October is the month of festivals in Nepal. The two most popular festivals fall in this month of the year, namely, the Dashain and Tihar festivals.

During the month of October, you can be rewarded with several clear views of the mountains. 

The trail will be busy and hotels too will be fully occupied, so make sure you have a guide who can arrange a comfortable room for you throughout the trek.

During October, the weather will be pleasant with neither too hot nor too cold. This makes your trek easy, as you can hike with comfortable stuff, making yourself less heavy.

However, the night remains cool and the temperature will go around 2°C at a higher altitude during the night and the day will be pleasant at around 8°C to 12°C.

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Everest Base Camp Trek Weather in October

October is autumn and the beginning of winter, the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot, it is a pleasant time of the year. This time of the year brings magnificent views of the Himalayas, high visibility, and crystal-clear blue sky.

A clear view of the mountains during the month of October.

Monsoon and surrounding clouds tail off leaving clouds clear. There will be regular domestic flights to and from Lukla Airport, the gateway to Everest Base Camp (10-Day).

Although the temperature in Kathmandu will be pleasant in the high Himalayas, the temperature will be cooler. Normally, the temperature in Namche Bazaar, the capital of the Everest region will be a minimum of 2°C to a maximum of 12°C, but as you ascend higher temperatures will decrease.

There is less possibility of snowfall in October, but in case it does, it will be less as compared to December and January, which are extreme winter seasons in Nepal.

However, as you trek higher night temperatures will be cold, better to have a sleeping bag.

everest base camp departure
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Base Camp of Everest Trekking Trail in October

October is one of the busy times for the Everest Trek in the autumn season in Nepal. This busyness can be felt from the day of your arrival at the international airport. There will be a queue of tourists waiting at the airport for an Arrival Visa.

Sometimes, it might take a longer time, so if you have a diplomatic mission or embassy of Nepal in your locality back home, better try to have a visa before you arrive in Nepal. This might save an hour of waiting at the airport.

October is Peak season thus trail gets really busy during this time.

This is so because there is only one active international airport in Nepal at the moment. Trekkers join in Kathmandu and disperse to their respective destinations from herein.

Regarding Everest Base Camp Trek (16-Day) trekkers will take an early morning flight from Kathmandu airport to Lukla, the easiest way to reach. Trekking trails are nominal in size, so going into the Everest region and descending will be through the same trail.

Apart from these mules, yaks will also be carrying goods through the same trail. This all makes the trail busy and crowded.

Magnificent views of nature and the Himalayas will always follow you. Fast-flowing rivers, Himalayan wild animals, birds, etc. can be seen throughout the trail.

There is a sufficient number of rest places on the trail, so you can stop frequently for a short break to acclimatize yourself.

As you trek higher, the trail will be clear with snow. There will be trekkers all the way, only the thing to remember is there are limited numbers of tea houses and lodges above Namche Bazaar (5-Day). So, make sure you have a guide, who can book a comfortable room for you.

Due to the high trekking season, October will be a busy time for lodges and tea houses, and sometimes finding a comfortable room will be difficult.

How is Everest Trek Accommodation in October 

October season is one of the peak tourism seasons in Nepal and the Everest Base Camp trek (12-Day) is not exceptional. domestic airports and trails remain busy throughout the month, as small planes fly to Lukla airport, make sure you have sufficient numbers of days to book one for you.

Due to the high trekking season, lots of trekkers trek into the diverted route of the Everest Region but halfway trails remain the same.

Moreover, the Everest region also known as ‘Sagarmatha’ in the local language is the UNESCO Natural heritage site of Nepal. This makes restrictions on upgrading the number of lodges and tea houses, as a result, there are a limited number of teahouses.

As you ascend higher the number of lodges and tea houses declines further. So, it is recommended to have a professional guide who can arrange proper and comfortable tea houses and lodges for you.

A guide can find your accommodation even during the Peak season by making a call!

Accommodation is normal in the Himalayas but tourists favor it. There will be a separate room, each carrying two single beds and a tea table. They will provide you blanket; pillow and a bed that will have a mattress and bedsheet over it.

Till Namche Bazaar, you might be able to find some lodges with attached bathrooms and toilets but as you ascend higher this will be a story. So, be prepared to use common shared toilets and bathrooms but clean and tidy.

Due to the high trekking season, lodges and tea houses will be fully occupied and your guide and porters will be serving as a waiter. This is very common during treks. All the local lodges and tea houses are operated by the local sherpa family, as their family business.

So, there will be limited numbers of staff to serve clients throughout the trial. So, all guide works as a server, with respect and support to the local hotel operator. This is due to the mutual relationship between the guide and the hotel authority.

So, make sure you order almost an hour before you eat and give them time to make your food ready. This is applicable all around the trekking trails, during peak season.

If you trek with a professional guide, you will benefit from a comfortable hotel and a comfortable room with mountain-facing views.

What Makes October the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek

October is without any doubt one of the best autumn seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek (13-Day) and also those trekking areas which are the Himalayan trail.

Trekking into Everest Base Camp (9-Day) is a challenging task due to the number of days, high altitude, and low level of oxygen. Apart from this sometimes rain, heavy snowfall, and clouds also make the Everest trek difficult.

Reaching such an altitude of Everest Base Camp (5364M) without a proper view of Mt. Everest and other wide ranges of the Himalayas is regretful and troublesome.

So, trekking into Everest Base Camp needs some research about the best time of the year, which will bless trekkers with awesome views, lively culture, spellbound Himalayas, and more.

Now, the question is what makes October the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek? October is one of the finest months of autumn. Due to climate change, the Himalayas of Nepal are changing and still receive rainfall in September, which is unexpected and shocking.

Flying to Lukla the gateway to the Everest region is challenging in September due to poor visibility and rainfall. This we have seen and are experiencing as well. As we approach October, the weather gets better and there is a regular flight to Lukla.

October is the month when all the rain clouds fade away, this helps travelers with the far-sighted views of the hills and Himalayas. From Lukla as well you started to have a majestic view of the Himalayas and course for Mt. Everest view, which we can have from Namche Bazaar which can be reached on the second day of your trek.

As you ascend higher, the diversity of vegetation, flora, and fauna is amazing. Trekking will be exciting because of the splendid views, lively culture of the local Sherpa community, and active ceremonies in the Monastery and Himalayas.

October is also the month of festivals in Nepal, Dashain and Tihar are the most popular festivals celebrated in Nepal, and in 2023 both this festival falls in October. Celebration is everywhere and you can experience it from the day of your arrival until you depart.

As you start your trek you will find the comfortable trail, standard accommodation, delicious meals, and the locals in a festive mood throughout the trail.

Reaching the base camp of Mt. Everest will provide us with many tented camps for the expedition group, to prepare themselves for summiting Mt. Everest.

Moreover, the sunrise and sunset view over the Himalayas will be once in a lifetime experience, which words are limited to utter. So be prepared for October, if you are planning for Everest Base Camp Trek (12-Day) in 202.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Starting with a cultural and historical sightseeing tour in Kathmandu, your Everest Base Camp treks (6-Day) start with a thrilling flight to Lukla Airport. This will be with an enchanting view of the high Himalayas.

Trekking through the dense forest, passing by a suspension bridge, Sherpa village, and finally, you will enter Sagarmatha National Conservation Area, a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site situated at the highest altitude.

Then you will be at Namche Bazaar, a typical Sherpa town and a center of trade. Namche is the capital of the entire Khumbu region/Everest region. There are different activities for trekkers to do and enjoy their free/rest day.

Namche Bazaar and Kwangde Peak are in the background.

Heading further thenceforth to the real Himalayan trail, your trek begins now. From Namche, less, vegetation can be seen due to altitude. The sky will be clear in October; the temperature will be pleasant and visibility very high.

Playing hide and seek with the Himalayas, Ama Dablam is the most widely seen mountain on the trail. As you ascend higher, the population/ villages decline. Trails will be busy in October, you will be able to encounter wild animals including snow leopards, Himalayan Thar, and of course wild birds.

Mount Ama Dablam is one of the most seen mountains during the trek to Everest Base Camp. 

Visiting the Tengboche monastery will be the best thing to do. Trekking passing by Mani Wall you will reach Lobuche for an overnight stay and then a short hike to Gorakshep and a detour to Everest Base Camp on the same day.

With enchanting views of the Himalayas around, you can observe Mt. Everest standing still for years. The next day you can hike towards Kalapatthar (5545M), the highest altitude of the entire trek.

Kalapatthar is one of the magnificent viewpoints to have the sunrise view over a wide range of Himalayas and it used to be the Everest Base Camp as well some decades ago.

Finally, your trek will be descending all the way to Lukla, with views of the Himalayas, nature, and encountering sherpa tradition, culture, and custom, before you take a short flight to Kathmandu.

Festivals during the month of October in Nepal

Note: Festivals Date for October 2023 has not been officially declared by the government, we will keep updating. 

October is one of the popular months in Nepal in terms of festivals. Nepal follows the lunar calendar, so the date of festivals keeps on changing every year. Dashain and Tihar are two very popular festivals in Nepal.

These are two popular festivals and also the longest-celebrated festival as well. In 2023 AD, the Dashain Festival falls from 22nd October – to 26th October. This is the longest festival in the Nepali community.

Apart from Dashain, Tihar is another popular and widely celebrated festival in Nepal. Tihar in 2023 falls on the month of November 12-16 and on November 14th Mah-Pooja also overlaps. Mah-Pooja is specially celebrated in Kathmandu Valley and other areas where the Newari Community lives.

So, if you are in Kathmandu during the Dashain festival, make sure for around 5 days a maximum number of shops remain closed. Public transport will also be limited for a couple of days.

In the Everest region, the majority of people are sherpa, they follow Tibetan Buddhism as their main religion, mainly inspired by Tibet. So, those festivals which are celebrated by other Nepali communities are not celebrated in a jubilant way in the Himalayas.

Moreover, in the Everest region, Mani Rimdu is the most popular festival celebrated in the Tengboche monastery. This is a three-day festival and is open to foreign nationals as well.

Monks wear masks and dance on the final day to defeat demons. Mani Rimdu festival in 2023 falls from 8th-10th November according to the Tibetan calendar.

However, if you are in Kathmandu or if you really want to see the celebration of the Nepali festival try to make sure you are in the city to enjoy singing and dancing, Nepali cuisine, animal sacrifice in the temples, etc.

Alternative trekking routes in the Everest Region in October

The Everest region is one of the diverse Himalayan regions in Nepal. It is the region where the Sherpa community lives. Everest region is blessed with the 4 highest mountains above 8000 meters and is only the region of UNESCO Natural Heritage Site at such altitude.

There are multiple popular trekking trails in the Everest region, starting from a short trek to weeks long. From lower altitude to high altitude, from high passes to higher existing lakes trek, and from peak climbing to expedition activities.

Trekkers descend after the morning climb to Kala Patthar. 

Everest region is also blessed with cultural excellence and diverse vegetation. So, trekking into the Everest region is not only limited to the Everest Base Camp trek, it depends upon trekkers' interest and time schedule on how and where they want to diversify their trek in the Everest region with the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Here are some popular alternative trekking packages with different routes below which might catch your interest in an adventurous journey into the Himalayas.

What to Expect in the month of October

October is one of the best times of the year for any trek in Nepal. This is the month when the weather remains at its best and the views are majestic and jaw-dropping, never to miss.

As the weather remains excellent, however, there might be rainfall at the lower altitude till the first week. October is also regarded as the busiest season for trekking in Nepal. Hence, the only airport, Tribhuwan International Airport located in Kathmandu remains busy, resulting in AIR TRAFFIC.

To minimize the air traffic for international flights and also for domestic flights for other areas of Nepal. The Aviation Minister in Nepal always diverts all the flights to and from Lukla to Manthali airport.

Thus, trekkers planning for the Everest Base Camp Trek have to drive early in the morning to Manthali at 2 AM from Kathmandu and take a flight to Lukla from Manthali/Ramechap airport and so remains the same while descending from Lukla as well at the last day and drive back to Kathmandu.

This change in the Flight Route is normally from the 1st of October till the end of November.


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